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Why should you Shop juice wrld merch?

Juice Wrld was a hopeful, talented, and energetic guy who left this world too soon. If you have listened to his hits i.e., lucid dreams and all girls are the same; you must know how detailed his approach was towards life. He always wanted to turn the evil into good and despair into motivation. If you are one of his fans or are struggling to wade through this tough journey of life, try out these exclusive merch items such as Tees, Long Sleeves, Accessories. These clothing items will continuously remind you of the courage that you once had and lost during the battle of life. We have lined up some excellent merch items to boost your morale and pay homage to the departed artist simultaneously.

What does 999 mean For Juice?

In juice wrld’s life, 999 meant turning the evil, ill, and bad feelings into good, upbeat, and lively emotions. He always emphasized thinking about the good side of a bad situation and never giving up. He said that 666 indicates evil and bad stuff. But if you flip it, it becomes 999, which is a symbol of hope, motivation, and dreams. Juice Wrld always advocated the power of the thought process and wanted his fans to believe in their potential. This 999 is a symbolic digit, and if you want to face your life’s troubles without any fear, you must own up to turn 666 to 999.

How long does it take for Juice Wrld merch to arrive?

Our merch’s production takes 5-7 business days since we print the items after an order is confirmed. Once manufactured, the merch is dispatched to its location right after. But it may take 10-15 business days to reach your address. Items bought during festive and sales seasons can take even longer due to the ever-increasing popularity of our merch. The process of order placement and dispatching is safe and doesn’t ask you to navigate through different pages. Just scroll through the collection, add your favorite items to the cart, and checkout. We ensure safe payment processing and timely delivery of the orders.

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We are the only authentic place in the United States, where you will find a wide variety of juice wrld merch. We manufacture 100% pure cotton and fleece Hoodies, which will become your statement pieces. Whether you want a juice Wrld portrait on the hoodie or just need a symbol to connect with other JW fans, you’ll find it here. is proud to offer a worldwide delivery facility so that JW fans from across the globe can show their affection. Moreover, our items are some of the most inexpensive and stylish ones present out there. Whether you get sweatpants or a long-sleeved shirt, the quality will always be awesome.

What is Main Item in Juice wrld merch?

Our main juice wrld merch is hoodies collection, which is available in a variety of colors and styles. You can get these hoodies in black, red, white, and yellow colors with different intriguing designs. Some of these hoodies also have quotes from Juice Wrld’s songs.

Juice world biography

Jarad Anthony Higgins, the famous American singer, writer & songwriter mostly got fame by the name Juice Wrld born on December 2, 1998, in Chicago.

The Growing Phase As An Artist

The first track on SoundCloud named Forever announce debuting Higgins in the world of music. Later on, he used the lyrics of Juicethekidd for his initial tracks. He uploaded several songs under this name on Soundcloud recorded by his mobile phone. The reason behind that is he inspired by the character of the movie Juice role played by late Tupac Shakur. He inspired because of it represents taking over the world, thus he changed his name to JuiceWrld. The boost in the career of Higgins starts with the release of his first project named Juice up the EP in January 2016.  The project includes singles track also like Too Smooth & Runaway Freestyle.

The Boost Of Higgins Into JuiceWrld

Juice Wrld used to live in the area of Calumet Park, Illinois. He belongs to a very conservative family. He attended the Homewood Flossmoor High School for his early education. As the marital status of his parents used to face many arguments & challenges, the kid assumed to be a big loss from the parent’s company. When he was 3, his parents divorced. He used to grow up with his mother & an elder brother. His mother used to be very religious &  conservative. This was quite a reason that Juice didn’t allow to listen to hip-hop music in his childhood days. But he used to showed his area of interest to learn the tactics of the piano. Later, he showed his talent to widen with the additional lessons of guitar & drums too. He was at 4, when little artist played trumpet for his band class. He was moving in the growing phase as an artist.

The Dedication To the Legends

Juice is the kind of star who himself admires & inspires with the fame of others. He released the two EP songs Too Soon that was much dedicated to late rappers Lil Peep & XXX Tentacion. He also makes the debut of his first studio album Goodbye & Good Riddance in May 2018. The song Legends become a real legend & spotted at number 65 on the Billboard chart.

The Juice’s Marital Status

He was unmarried but was in a relationship with Alexa, his girlfriend. He made a lived in relationship with her & spent the most time with her in Los Angeles. His first encounter with Alexa was an accident while riding his motorcycle but it was a minor accident.

The Confidential Farewell

Juice was a drug addict when he was a teenager. He was a chain-smoker but later he used to quit these habits for his health. In December 2018, that was a day of another loss legend & he died after medical emergency at Chicago’s Midway International Airport. The cause of death remains confidential by medical authorities.

The Alter Exposure From Rock To Rap

During his childhood journey, his first attempt of making broad exposure in the field of rocking the world through his talent skills. Although his journey of being as an artist was God gifted, thus emphasizing his activities in the way of learning the piano, guitar & drums lessons. He also have a very fond of playing video games regularly in his childhood.  He used to enjoy the frequent & fast music themes of video games like Guitar hero & Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. He puts his growing talent to build great exposure in the list of rock music. Later on,  he followed to listening to bands like Panic at the disco, Blink 182 & Black Sabbath. It was the time of his freshman year at high school,  he used to grow or polished his musical talent to the extreme. He used to take the benefit from the SoundCloud platform & one of his friends backed him to pursue his music & he was at the level of freshman in high school when he used to make his debut song Forever on Soundcloud in 2015. The promotion from freshman into the sophomore year at high school, he realized to make an alter exposure of rock to rap music. & he considered himself the best in rapping music,  thus choose his musical style as a rapper for his career option.


The Success of Billboard to Live Show

After the success of several tracks, Juice joined the internet collective internet money with the release of the track Too Much Cash in 2017. The year of 2017 brought too much fame with the success of social engagement to his kinds of music stardom. This year also bought the success of a billboard chart to his release tracks. On 15 June 2017, the day of release his first debut full-length EP named 999 featuring the song named Lucid Dreams became his breakout song which had more than 2.5 million plays on SoundCloud. This was produced by Nick Pera&Sidepce. The song debuted as 72 on Billboard hot 100. At the end of this year, Juice unleashed his three EP songs Nothings different which was a genre of hip-hop music & attained very high popularity of tracks All Girls Are The Same & Lyrical Lemonade.

These tracks were very well received by critics & admirers. These tracks are very well designated as the best new music by the PitchFork. These tracks are considered to be categorized at billboard debut as 92 of billboard hot 100. With the success of these tracks at Billboard & Juice got to fame & signed the music company named Interscope Records for $3000000. He again Lucid dream as a single which reached at number 3 spot on Billboard chart & make a place of the category to be the most streamed play songs of 2018.  Moreover, he released his single Wasted which again more probably gain the spot of 67 at the Billboard chart in July 2018. The most consistent success at the Billboard chart lead Juice to nominate his fame to the world & he announced his first tour Wrld Domination in the same month. This fame of success to Billboard dominant him to made his Tv debut with Jemmy Kennel live where he performed his most successful track Lucid Dreams in the show.